Digital and new uses

Citech helps companies and public organizations in their digital transformation with the intent of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and discovering new markets while defining and implementing new services for users (communities).
Digital Marketing
Creating an efficient and long-lasting client relationship through the digital world.
Developing connected solutions that generate data
Creating algorithms in order to create new business models.
Store your files and information on line
Protection guarantee of your data and messages.
Our Credentials
IPad Application for government agencies
Development of an iPad application that is intended for regional managers of government agencies.
Benchmark for different frameworks
Our objective is to better and standardize this type of development (Titanium, Phone Gap, XCode…)
Development of mobile applications
Development of mobile applications that will be available in the main stores of the market (Apple Store, Play Store)
Cloud/ Big Data/ Online items
Independent platform that allows you to centralize the rising data through connected items via SIGFOX
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