Cloud & microservices

CITECH helps you switch your applications onto a Cloud or microservice model so that they are accessible at anytime and anywhere.
Advice & Support
We help you breakdown your massive applications into microservices
Establishing your microservices & Cloud design
Fault tolerance, Docker containers orchestration, BigData design (Hadoop, Spark…)
Continuous Integration
Establishment of a continuous integration chain that is used to better the quality of codes and end products.
Regarding Docker
Docker recently transformed the design of large clouds. It is now possible to shift applications between the clouds of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Docker gives clients the possibility to put applications in a virtual network which can run on any server (currently Linux and soon Windows). This technology helps with the expansion of an application, and the management of underlying infrastructure design. This solution is proposed in open source (under the Apache 2.0 license).
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