If you have a strong understanding of data processing and a strong talent for customer service, come join our teams and participate in innovative projects in a work environment that allows you to fully use your talents!
Your career
CITECH provides unique attention to the career paths of its employees through regular monitoring, by creating personalized training plans and by focusing on assignments that line up with their professional projects. Our human resources team accompanies you daily by working closely with your manager.
Human resources manager
Unsolicited application
Axel (Aix-en-Provence) 4 years of experience
I joined CITECH as a research and development engineer. After two years, I was able to advance to the role of project manager. Along with advancement opportunities, there was a very good work environment as well as a follow-up of performance. I recommend this company.
Luc (Dijon) – Intern in 2012
While I was a Master’s student at the University of Superior Business in Dijon, I had the opportunity, thanks to a partnership with my school, to work with CITECH for three months as an internship Recruitment Officer. I was able to quickly become involved in this constantly changing business, thanks to the manager, who never hesitated to delegate responsibilities and interesting changing perspectives to his employees.
Your Career Supervision

At least once every three months, your business manager meets with you to discuss the progress of your current project and, if necessary, to begin preparing the next one. On the day that you join the company, and once a year from that point on, you will have an annual evaluation of progress. Led by your business manager, this yearly evaluation allows you to address the essential topics pertaining to your career, such as your position or salary, but also:

Your functional or geographic mobility:
If you wish to move into a new line of business, increase your level of responsibilities, or to conduct a project abroad…

If you’re looking for training:
If you want to improve your knowledge or skills, you can do so internally or externally.